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Reaching the UML: the Untethered Modern Learner Podcast

In-depth, yet short interviews with the people and companies that are taking learning and development forward into the future with innovation, disruption and performance. Reaching the UML podcast also features a mini-pod series of interviews with Bianca Baumann where we connect digital marketing to learning and development. As well, UML's will be interviewed so that you can gain insight into what works and what doesn't when it comes to reaching them! Episodes follow below the video that explains the UML concept. Thanks for listening! (You can also access all episodes here.)

Episode 2 with Heather McGowan: the Future of Learning

In Episode 2 of Reaching the UML Podcast, I interview Heather McGowan - catalyst, speaker and author focused on innovation at the intersection of work and learning. We discuss the future of learning and touch on the slope of enlightenment, design thinking and the idea of 'learning over knowing'. Thanks for listening, and to reach out to me on Twitter, my handle is: @JGoodDFC and to connect further with Heather: @heathermcgowan. Find more episodes and show notes below.

Heather's Flipboardhttps://flipboard.com/@HeatherMcGo5r24 Magazines are updated daily. Future of Work, Future of Learning, Accelerated Change and some courses in process

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Episode 1 with Helen Blunden: Snapchat, Social Learning & Knitting!

What a pleasure to have Helen Blunden, the recipient of the inaugural Jay Cross Memorial Award, as my first guest on Reaching the UML! Helen is brilliant at 'working out loud' on social media and exploring new tools and technology like Snapchat. This is a fun conversation where we touch on Snapchat, social learning, social media, working out loud and knitting. Thanks for listening. Connect with me on Twitter: @JGoodDFC and Helen: @ActivateLearn.