About the Conference Takeaways Chatbot

Hi, I’m Jamie Good, the Digital Fluency Coach and Learning Technology Integrator.

Thank you for taking the time to get setup on my new chatbot for capturing your 6 favourite key conference takeaways! I appreciate you giving it a go.

I built this chatbot on the Mobile Coach platform, founded and created by Vince Han in Provo, Utah. It is my second mobile coach (chatbot) ever, so it is quite simple and ‘no frills’ in its features and approach. Please don’t expect to have a lengthy conversation with an artificial intelligent robot! And please don’t fault Mobile Coach if something goes wrong. I can assure you that if my chatbot has an issue, it’s not their platform, but rather my beginner skills!

I am frustrated after big conferences when I can’t remember all the great things I heard and learned. I know I’m not alone in that frustration, so I created the takeaways chatbot to help remedy that situation. For this version, it allows for the capture of your favourite 6 key takeaways from the conference. 

Also, I want people unfamiliar with chatbots to be able to dip their toes in. Enjoy your experience with my chatbot and think big while you imagine the unlimited potential of chatbots! Mine is pretty bare bones but useful, so take it for a spin! And please send me your feedback anytime by texting FEEDBACK to the chatbot, or by contacting me here: goodwjamie@gmail.com

Thanks again!
Jamie Good

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