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Some of my speaking topics are listed below, and all can be both a keynote or breakout session.

Some of the organizations I’ve had the pleasure of speaking for include: the Institute of Performance and Learning, DeGroote School of Business, University of Toronto, DisruptHR, Ignite, Kitchener Public Library, Niagara College, Pink Elephant, Palapina, Moneris, Ontario Public Service, Ontario Society of Professional Engineers, Lambton College, HRPA and MoMondays among others.

Digital transformation does not mean you simply take existing products and services and make them mobile and social. It involves a change of thinking and an understanding of the future of work. You must be on the digital train or be left behind. There is no other option today, and this means a clear understanding of digital tools and technologies and how they impact business, from top to bottom.

How can your organization survive digital disruption? By hiring disruptors, of course! This session explores the need for HR to reconsider their hiring practices by hiring those who challenge the status quo, ask difficult questions, take risks, assume contradictions and learn from deviance. In an age where Uber and Airbnb disrupt entire industries, organizations need to hire disruptors with an entrepreneurial spirit who will bring a start-up mentality to the table. And what if you don’t hire disruptors? Ask Kodak, Blockbuster or Blackberry, and you’ll likely get a pretty quick response. Or better yet, ask Jamie to speak to your team so that you ensure you’re on the right track when it comes to hiring talent.

I believe we must rise above the status quo. I believe we must think and work differently, because the pace of change is accelerating. And the way we do this is by being digitally fluent. This session explores what digital fluency is and how it can future-proof your career and business. Jamie also deals with the thinking behind the idea of digital fluency and how you can take it back to work and make it a part of your culture.

Social learning and micro learning are hot topics in the learning and development field today. And why not? The way our organizations operate and how the people inside them learn and develop changes every day. New tools, less time and untethered employees demand new ways of training for growth and success.

Millennials are now the biggest generation in the Canadian workforce. They are entering the workforce with different expectations and preferences than the Baby Boomers before them. For example, 70% of millennials would rather telecommute than work in an office. How can you properly manage a workforce that might not ever enter the office again? And how can you impress and engage them? If you don’t, you won’t succeed at helping them help you succeed.

Today’s learners are untethered. They don’t go into the office every day and are often part of a virtual team. And yet, they still need to learn and develop regardless of whether they are working from home, a cafe or the nearby library. Distracted and overwhelmed by infobesity, UMLs – Untethered Modern Learners – want learning to be interactive, collaborative, fun, meaningful and engaging, when and where they desire. On-demand like Netflix. Convenient like Uber. Everywhere like Airbnb.

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