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No ‘Sage on the Stage’

Digital Training
I give learners a hands-on opportunity to practice what I share. And I believe people aren’t learning if they are not having fun, so deadpan ‘sage on the stage’ lectures are not in my vocabulary.

Class and workshop prices vary, popular topics include: digital fluency, social media, big data, microlearning, personal branding, and more. Delivery can be in-person or virtual.

Digital Design
Whether it’s mLearning, eLearning or ‘we’ve never considered that before learning’, I creatively design it.

I implement the neuroscience of learning into the experience and ensure there are opportunities to practice what’s being absorbed. Let’s get to work designing learning solutions for your team that will take your organization higher and farther.

Digital Coaching
I struggled, dug in and learned the shortcuts so you don’t have to.

Want to up your digital game without spending every waking hour doing so?

I’ll ask the right questions, you respond and let me know where you’d like to be. Together we increase your comfort and effectiveness with digital, and have fun in the process.

LOVE = I have a passion for what I do and love sharing my knowledge.
QUESTIONS = I ask questions that help clarify and create meaning.
FUN = I have fun doing this work and its infectious.
IDEAS = I am an ideator with a wonderful perspective.

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