I give you a front-row seat on the future of learning and development. 

In our ever-changing, fast-paced digital world, you want learning experiences that unleash potential anytime, anywhere. I'll work with you to ensure a combination of neuroscience, habit-building and technology hits the mark every time. My digital tool belt for learning design includes social media, SMS, chatbots, video, elearning, apps and big data.

Be the hero in your story without having to suffer all the battles and effort to get there.


Navigate digital technology and  be relevant in the future of work.

The only constant is change, and digital transformation is accelerating that reality every single day. You need guidance, advice and insight. I will be your Digital Fluency Coach and lead you through the upheavals with new thinking, practical advice and effective solutions. I'll help you navigate the sea of change happening all around you so you can leverage it.


Expert facilitation with mobile, micro, SMS and bot integration to ensure relevance and retrieval.

I design and deliver engaging, interactive learning that sticks, and fits practically into the learner's routine. In our digital age, you, your team and your business need continuous learning and development. As an expert facilitator, instructional designer and trainer, I can help you stay ahead of the crowd and future-proof your career and business. Let’s create the solutions you need together.


Make your event stand out, inspire your team and challenge the audience.

Jamie is a sought-after speaker, facilitator and coach. Specializing in learning technology integration, social media, digital marketing and the future of work and education, Jamie is known as the Digital Fluency Coach, speaking and delivering breakout sessions and keynotes across North America and abroad to help professionals and their organizations connect digital to their success. To have Jamie speak at your event and give the attendees an unforgettable learning experience, contact him today.

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Thanks to Jamie, rather than feeling intimidated and overwhelmed, I now feel excited to connect online and expand my project’s reach!Jessica Tudos-Olympic Gymnast, Author

Jamie guided me through the steps necessary to optimize my online presence and promote my personal brand to my network. The social media landscape stretches far and wide. Jamie helped me see how I can fit into that big picture.Christie Sterns-CEO, Training Makes Cents, Inc

I had the pleasure to work with Jamie at Global Knowledge. As an executive of the company, I not only appreciated tremendously what he did for our organization through social media, but I greatly valued his coaching and his generosity.Jocelyn Bérard-Author, Speaker

I just got off this webinar and I have to tell you I was very impressed (I belong to 3 associations and while some webinars are excellent, and with all due respect to other hosts, I'm usually struggling to stay on).   Your topic, approach and quality are outstanding, and I love the vision - relevancy is very important in L&D, like all industries, but especially important to try new things. Excellent, well-done, bravo! - Grace Torre-webinar participant, Learning Consultant


A few of the organizations I've worked with to deliver engaging learning experiences through integrated technology: